Orthodontics for kids – What You Need to Know

Many kids are known to face dental issues these days. Some parents tends to think that they can go on with necessary treatment after the kid grows but for one to get the best results, it is necessary to carry on the treatment at an earlier stage itself. If people are proactive and take treatment as a kid then they would grow up to be more confident individuals which impact their overall personality to a great extent. 

Orthodontics for kids (จัดฟันเด็ก, term in Thai) is nothing but the correction of any sort of dental problems that kids might have at an earlier stage itself. It is nothing but a treatment of children’s teeth from the baby teeth set or the mixed set of teeth. It would help correcting in terms of occlusion, pronunciation and also beauty improvement for children to reflect confidence in every smile.

Advantages of taking treatment as kids

It is best to take dental related treatments right from milk tooth issues and other such problems at a much earlier stage itself as it comes with lots of benefits. Orthodontics for early correction will help a great deal to solve problems for children with abnormal occlusion. Many people carry the wrong opinion that taking such dental treatments is just for beauty or cosmetic purposes but in reality it also supports a great deal as functional treatment for one and all. Here are some of the orthodontics for milk teeth (จัดฟันน้ำนม, term in Thai) issues to know about.

Spaced teeth – In this there would be gaps between the teeth. It may be caused by falling out or early extraction of milk teeth or that of not having all the permanent teeth erupting. It is also quite common amongst kids who have the habit of breathing through the mouth, therefore resulting in the gap. This would lead the adjacent teeth to tilt into that gap and can lead to alignment issues. 

Open bite – It is an issue where there is an open gap between the upper and lower incisors when biting. It can be caused by finger sucking habit or sticking to the pacifier, chewing clothes and other such habits. 

Deep bite – It is a condition where the upper front teeth cover the lower front teeth more than usual. It can be a result of heredity factor or the lower jaw is enlarged less than usual. It needs to be understood that very deep teeth will cause injury to the gums around the palate where the lower teeth meet.

Crowded teeth – This is caused by overlapping of teeth thereby causing a crowded look due to lack of space. This type of teeth would be difficult to clean and maintain and thus leading to decay.

Overbite – In this scenario, the lower teeth would overlap the upper teeth for which hereditary could be the cause. 

Crooked bite – It is an occlusion in which the midline of the upper front teeth does not line up with the lower front teeth when biting. 

Taking necessary steps to correct the problem would help with better chewing and also help solve the problem of children with crooked front teeth to get a beautifully aligned teeth as well as confident smile.