Single Eyelid Surgery: Explanation And Precautions

Single eyelids (ตาชั้นเดียว, which is the term in Thai) surgery Asian eyelid surgery (also known as double-eyelid surgery) is an aesthetic procedure that makes a crease on the upper eyelid, making the eyes appear more extensive and more alert. Considering this procedure, taking some precautions before surgery is crucial to minimize the risks and ensure a successful outcome. This informative article will cover the same to help you avoid future risks.

What Is Single Eyelid Surgery?

In people with single eyelids, the skin on the upper eyelid covers the natural crease that gives the eye a more defined appearance.

During the procedure, there is an incision within the upper eyelid, and excess skin and fat are removed or moved to form a visually pleasing wrinkle. The procedure uses techniques such as partial, complete, and non-incisional. Eyelid surgery performed by single eyelid is usually performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia or with intravenous sedation. The recovery time depends on the method employed and the severity of the procedure. However, most patients can return to regular routines within two weeks.

Single eyelid surgery is popular among people of Asian descent who desire a more defined and aesthetically pleasing eye appearance. It is vital to speak with a licensed and skilled surgeon to determine whether you are a good candidate for the procedure and to discuss the potential risks and benefits.

What Are The Precautions You Must Take Before Eyelid Surgery

Here are some precautions to take before single eyelid surgery:

  • Research The Surgeon: Make sure you choose a qualified and experienced surgeon who specializes in eyelid surgery. Review and recommendations, and also ask to see photos of before and after prior patients.
  • Consultation: Contact an experienced surgeon to discuss your goals and concerns. They will also determine if you’re an appropriate candidate for the procedure.
  • Stop Smoking: Smoking can increase the risk of complications during and after surgery, so it is essential to quit smoking at least 2 weeks before the procedure.
  • Beware Of Caffeine And Alcohol: The combination of caffeine and alcohol can cause dehydration and hinder healing. Avoiding these substances for at least 24 hours before the surgery is essential.
  • Make Arrangements For Transportation: You cannot drive immediately following the operation, so make arrangements with a relative or family member to take you home.
  • Get Ready For Recovery: Following the surgeon’s guidelines regarding post-operative care for post-operative care, including maintaining your head up by using ice to minimize swelling and refraining from vigorous exercise.

Taking these precautions can minimize the risks and maximize the benefits of single eyelid surgery.