Intermittent Fasting Promotes Weight Loss And Other Health Benefits

Intermittent Fasting Promotes Weight Loss And Other Health Benefits

Fasting for a prolonged period is bad but intermittent fasting, which is called if (ทำ if, which is the term in Thai), has gained popularity in recent years as it helps to improve your overall health. This process has captured the interest of health enthusiasts and researchers’ interest in effective and sustainable ways to improve their well-being.

How Does It Work?

Now fasting is familiar to us as it is predominant in certain religions or cultures, and also it has been proven that fasting can lead to weight loss. But too much fasting can lead to gastric problems, making the situation severe. There must be a proper interval in your fasting, and you must eat the right food. Too much fat intake can give your liver unnecessary pressure for bile secretion, but it will hamper the organ more. Try to take a few so that it can easily be digested.

How Will We Get Benefitted?

So it not only helps you to reduce your belly fat but also will help you decrease your calories. There must be a proportion of everything you eat. The person must not eat anything for 16 hours but rest for 8 hours to skip breakfast or consume all meals in a designated time frame. During fasting, they can drink water or any beverages; taking these in intervals will not make you feel hungry.

Who Must Avoid It?

So the lady who is pregnant must not go for intermittent fasting as the baby needs more food; otherwise, he will be born malnourished. Now those facing problems like stomach infection or IBS, or those who are senior citizens, must not follow this routine. After getting healed, they can go for it, but if you are lean enough no need to reduce your weight. Before fasting, it’s better to consult the doctor first; otherwise, you may fall sick.

What Are Its Benefits?

Apart from weight management, it also helps to maintain numerous health benefits like

  • Blood Sugar Control
  • Reducing The Risk Of Diabetes
  • Anti-Aging
  • Cells Repair

It also helps improve brain health so that we can focus on our work and enhance our memory.


Intermittent fasting, the so-called “if,” is not suitable for everyone. So the person who has health issues must consult their healthcare professional first. So don’t be carried away by watching others’ lifestyles. So if you’re willing to do it, then try to maintain seriousness and follow it minutely with expert guidance.