What Is The Right Age To Get Hair Transplant Treatment?

These days, young adults are particularly affected by hair loss because, in addition to genetics, a changing lifestyle, poor nutrition, stress, and increased pollution all contribute to the problem.  In the past, people used to accept the embarrassment of looking bald because there were no other options, and hair loss was seen as a sign of aging. Today’s hair loss sufferers are very fortunate to have options for managing their condition. Many people now have hope that their bald heads will grow flowing hairs thanks to advancements in hair transplant.

The technology and advancements in hair transplant have come a long way, making it possible to achieve a permanent and natural look with this procedure. Hair transplantation can now produce undetectable results that are not immediately apparent to others, unlike earlier times when it often resulted in a botched appearance. 

It is normal to wonder when we can get a hair transplant done when we start to notice the signs of hair loss in our early 20s or when we realize we need one in our 70s. 

Or When should I get a hair transplant?

This will be covered in a later section of this article. 

Unquestionably widespread, hair transplant in Hyderabad is becoming increasingly in-demand, where clinics are quickly filling up. There are many hair transplant clinics in large cities, but Delhi and Jaipur are first and second in terms of quality.

Despite the relatively low hair transplant cost in Hyderabad, people still favor visiting Delhi and Jaipur for hair transplant tourism. The hair transplant market is thriving and reasonably priced in these cities.

What is hair restoration process?

Hair restoration is a surgical procedure that involves removing hair follicles from the area where permanent hair roots are present and transplanting them to the bald area. The back and sides of the head, the chest, the axilla, or the beard area are the typical donor areas taken into account for hair follicular harvesting. 

FUE and FUT hair transplant are the two primary methods used to carry out the procedure. If done correctly, the procedure provides the most hair growth and offers results that look natural. Only the permanent or DHT resistant hair grafts are chosen for the transplantation, so the results of a hair transplant are long-lasting. 

 What time of year is ideal for hair transplant surgery?

Though performing a hair transplant is generally not recommended before the age of 25, the text book makes no such recommendations. In reality, regardless of age, the decision to undergo a hair transplant is largely based on the circumstances surrounding hair loss and the patient’s situation. But even so, why not get a transplant before age 25?

  • Greater likelihood of erratic hair loss
  • Unpredictable hair loss pattern or progression 
  • Covered systemic conditions 
  • Pathology at play 

At that age, it’s possible that the aforementioned circumstances can’t be fully determined, so the doctor may decide against a hair transplant. 

Although they may not be the best candidates for hair transplants, younger people can still undergo the procedure. Meet with a trustworthy, experienced surgeon who can assess the situation and give you professional advice if you want to know whether the procedure is feasible in your case. 

Consult Dr. Suneet Soni, a top surgeon in the nation with the highest success rate, if you are concerned about hair loss while you are still young. Schedule a consultation with the Medispa hair transplant clinic in Delhi or Jaipur today to learn more about hair transplantation. 

Is it best to postpone getting a hair transplant?

The majority of young patients want to address their hair loss right away, so it is a good idea to perform hair transplant surgery rather than waiting if you notice that the hair loss has been stable for about three years. However, even if later on the hair loss progresses from the other areas of the body where there is already hair, the transplanted hair would remain for life. 

However, if a medical condition or unstable hair loss is suspected, the patient must wait until after additional appointments until the situation appears to be favourable for the procedure. If the hair loss is too early, you can temporarily try medication with the help of the hair transplant doctor if recommended. Avoid using medications to treat yourself because they have side effects and cannot be held accountable in the long run. 

Consult our skilled surgeon today at the Medispa Hair Transplant Clinic to determine the best course of treatment for your hair loss. We are eager to be of service to you and to offer you a remarkable solution to your hair loss that is unquestionably permanent.