What Is Double Eyelid Surgery, And How Is It Done?

What Is Double Eyelid Surgery

Days were there only beauty and cosmetics treatments were only restricted to women. As pop culture emerged, even men were more conscious about their beauty. Technological advancement has brought a huge revolution in breaking all those stereotypes, as men are equally conscious about their beauty these days. The recent trend of double eyelid surgery has been tremendously growing, which aims to embark on more self-confidence and natural beauty.

The Double eyelid men (ตาสองชั้นผู้ชาย, which is the term in Thai) surgery is carried out by experienced ophthalmologists. The surgery involves the folding of the upper eyelid. The procedure follows a few crucial steps; if there is any fat or excess skin, it is removed during the surgery. Further, the crease is made to give a naturally attractive look. Once the surgery is done, there might be a few swellings and pain, but later, it will heal and recover soon. Proper care after surgery is necessary, such as applying proper ointment, medicines, eye drops, and regular visits to the specialist.

The Procedure Of The Double Eyelid Surgery:

  • The surgeon plans and marks the area before performing the surgery. Once the planning is done, a proper incision is carried out, followed by excess tissue, fat, or skin removed from the upper eyelid before folding. Later a proper folding or also called crease formation, is done.
  • After the main procedure, the surgery is winded with the appropriate suture and dressing.

What Are The Purposes Of Surgery For Men?

  • The main objective of double eyelid surgery is to improve appearance.
  • It helps to achieve versatile looks and boost confidence levels.
  • The surgery can balance the symmetry between the eyes.

Necessary Care To Be Taken Before Opting The Surgery

  • It is a necessary surgery that involves the main sensory organ. So make sure to consult an expert surgeon.
  • After surgery, proper care and protection of the eyes are necessary, such as wearing sunglasses, avoiding exposure to dust particles, etc.
  • Maintain hygiene in the eyelid section.


These days’ men adhere to equal beauty consciousness and try various cosmetic surgery treatments. The primary goal of surgery is to enhance beauty and also boost self-confidence. In most Asian countries, men opt for surgeries like double eyelids and many more to increase their glamour. The surgery can bring a positive impact on personality and also provide a natural look. Proper care, protecting eyes from heavy exposure, maintaining proper hygiene, and regular checkups can keep the eyes healthy.