What Are the Perks of Getting Your Own ABHA Number?

create ABHA Number

ABHA Number (formerly known as Health ID) is one of the primary objectives of the Ayushman Bharat Digital Health Mission. It is a simple way to view and share your medical documents digitally. You are able to interact with a variety of healthcare services (labs, hospitals, clinics, and online doctor consultations) and participate in discussions while also receiving digital lab results, prescriptions, and diagnoses from reputable healthcare providers.

Every Indian is given a 14-digit unique health identification number to save, recover, and exchange health information digitally. You can create ABHA Number and utilize it to store existing or new medical documents, like as lab results, prescriptions, hospital records,

Here are a few perks listed for getting your own ABHA number

  1. Online medical records –

Get all your medical records linked to your ABHA (Health Id). All of your medical history will be easily stored and accessible.

  1. Access to medical services –

All healthcare facilities are available with a few mouse clicks. Doctors, lab testing, pharmacy, and hospitalization, citizens can be assured of getting any medical help immediately with it.

  1. Private and secure platform –

Completely secure platform with encryption mechanisms and advanced security. Without your permission, no information will be shared with anyone.

  1. Access for all –

A project meant for everyone. Assisted methods are easily available to people with smartphones, feature phones, and even for people who have no cell phones.

  1. Easy sign-up

Creating your account with ABHA is a simple process that anyone, with or without technological knowledge, can do. Go to the ABHA’s official website and follow the simple steps to create your health ID card in India. You can create an ABHA number and utilize an account by providing your contact number, Aadhar card number, or driver’s license number.

  1. Safekeeping your medical records

Medical data security is a critical and difficult task. All medical information will be kept safe to avoid taking advantage of or attacking individuals. The platform ensures the security mechanisms in order to do this. Citizens can be assured of linking their health documents, public healthcare programmes, and healthcare benefits to their ABHA health card using this cutting-edge technology and its safety.

  1. Personal health record system:

The PHR is known as a formal electronic healthcare database of a person maintained by the users themselves. The primary benefit of the PHR is that the information is totally under the end user’s control, which allows them to manage their healthcare details, including health and medical records and other treatment details, lab tests, and other health-related summaries across one or more health centres.

  1. It is also available for your child

Create an ABHA Number. With this number, your child too can create their own unique health ID card. You can easily keep track of health record and medical data, such as immunization records, from birth and obtain preventive healthcare treatments.

Create Your Own ABHA Number Without Any Hassle

When you create an ABHA number, you get several advantages. It not only makes healthcare in India a centralized solution but also makes storing and accessing medical data and records an easy, simplified, and hassle-free procedure that saves you time and effort. Furthermore, the portal secures your personal information, so you don’t have to worry about data preaching.