HIFU Therapy – Replacement of Face Lifts Method

HIFU Therapy - Replacement of Face Lifts Method

A face-lift is cosmetic surgery to give the face a more youthful appearance and reduce skin sagging. It also helps in removing excess skin from the jawline and cheeks. During a face-lift, an excess of skin is pulled back on each side of the face and tissues beneath the skin are changed giving the face youthful look.

An uncomplicated and painless alternative to face lifts is high-intensity concentrated ultrasound – HIFU. It is easy and painless compared to traditional face lift method. It uses ultrasonic radiation to stimulate collagen formation, giving the skin a tighter appearance. The deep skin tissue is treated with therapy, much as it is with cosmetic surgery. Those who prefer not to use the cutter, which poses a threat of tissue scarring and endless harm can definitely go for HIFU.

Advantage of HIFU 

One of the key benefits of HIFU in aesthetic medicine is that it is less invasive, necessitating neither surgery nor incisions. Since the treatment is carried out through the skin, there is little to no downtime or recovery period required in most circumstances. Because of this, HIFU is a tempting choice for people who want to improve their appearance without undergoing extensive treatment.

At Retens Medical Centre the team uses Rose V Line HIFU 無針埋線 treatment. The technique uses MDT- Multiple Duration Technology. HIFU offers a wider treatment window and primarily targets the fascia layer to tighten the skin. The team ensures that the HIFU effect is faster and more effective than the traditional needle-free suture embedding method. Retens offers a technique that is risk-free, painless, and doesn’t involve any downtime.

To tighten sagging skin and lessen the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, HIFU can be utilised to target parts of the face, such as the neck, brow, and jowls. It can be utilised to make the face look more defined and younger by enhancing the cheeks and jawline.

HIFU has been demonstrated to boost collagen production in addition to its skin-tightening effects, which may result in a more youthful and bright appearance. The body naturally produces the protein collagen, which is what gives skin its suppleness and firmness. As time goes on, the amount of collagen in our body decreases, causing wrinkles and sagging skin to appear. HIFU can help in reversing this process by stimulating the production of fresh collagen and elastin fibres.

The HIFU 效果 often lasts for over a year, although yearly touch-up treatments are advised to remain ahead of the ageing process. Some patients will need many treatments. For more than 50 years, HIFU energy has been used safely in the medical industry.

HIFU is a far superior alternative to a surgical facelift. It has been discovered to be a promising aesthetic treatment that could ultimately take the place of facelifts, mainly in younger individuals who don’t wish to undergo surgery’s hazards and lengthy recovery period. However, do remember that some drugs and supplements can hinder the healing process and should not be taken for the week before and the week after the treatment.

You might not be a good candidate for the treatment due to certain medical issues hence inform your doctor about all ailments and medications you take.